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2023 Highlights - Commissions

It's crazy how the year rolls by, huh? 2023 came and went and now we are looking back at this year and all the wonderful artwork I had commissioned. Going to be looking at not only the final product but also reminiscing on the collaboration, the process, and the experience of it all. with 20-plus commissions under 2023, there is plenty to love! So with that said, here are the factors on why I chose the ones I did!

  1. Accuracy: Since I commission a myriad of different artists (and have been since I started), it's more than safe to say that the various styles will alter the measurement of accuracy. A certain character, let's just say Elsa, will not look the same from artist to artist and that's just the fact of commissions and/or fan arts. Take that same idea with Elsa: as long as one can look at the drawing and SAY it's Elsa, most of her features are present and said character is recognizable and the style is satisfying and complimenting to the Disney Queen (or insert whatever character we are looking at here), then accuracy is there.

  2. Price Tag: This is also a pretty subjective area since the different caliber of artists charge differently, and that is understandable. But it does play a BIG factor in a Commission's status, whether it be good or bad. Expensive does not always equal HIGHER quality after all.

  3. Time: Another factor that is also subjective. Time is money, yes, but something that took some time to do but produced some jaw-dropping artwork will be considered to be in the top ten. On the other side of the coin, if something took more than a few weeks and the result is something I enjoy but nothing grand (and I paid good money for it), then it's going to have a hard time getting no my top favorite.

  4. Client and Customer Experience: This may not have anything to do with the quality of the art and/or the caliber of the artist but I am a big fan of customer service and being treated like someone who is giving good money to get something done is important. Almost all of the artists I have worked with are professional so this hasn't been an issue with me. But there have been some artists who took a step above just to ensure my experience was great. They spend the time to communicate for clarification and for the sake of following up. The experience also becomes more satisfying if the artist just spends the time to show appreciation for the business I am giving him/her.

  5. Personal Preference: Now obviously this plays a big part. When it comes to commissioning, there are a lot of areas that personal preference that can play a big part in my decision such as the character/s that are drawn, what kind of scenario, what is the theme (pin-up, just awesome fanart, fetish... etc), and the meaning behind the commission. While it's hard NOT to put this at the forefront of my decision, I'm going to say right now that it's a huge reason why some of these drawings made it to the top ten and beat the others. Just saying.

As always, it's hard to just pick ten commissions and call it a day. I went through some serious thoughts to ensure that I made it fair with my five points. Also, I am not, by any means, saying that the artists/art that didn't get on this year's list is bad or disappointing. Just like anything else, some stood out because of the five factors I listed. So with that said, much like 2022, let's get 2023 rolling!


::Honorable Mentions (Gifts and Collaborations)::

There are a few standouts this year. Also, I'm never short of supporters and generous fellow comm'ers and/or DiD lovers. I also befriended a few artists and some of them are kind enough to lend me their talent--some for free. Can't have a highlight without mentioning the wonderful artwork below!

I'm not by any means going to enjoy putting this here--not because of the finished art, but because this beautiful piece happened because a good friend passed. There's not much else I can say but, RIP Lathiira. While this year may have been the year you left us, I will say that we will continue to remember you. This is one of those pictures, for sure. Llyth did a wonderful job.

Commission/Gift: Season One END / by: Llythium-Art

Now this would be on the list. Probably be number one or number two on the list. However, there is a catch as to why it isn't. Truth be told, it is a partial gift from Llyth, which does nothing to take away how awesome this art is, but I can't fully take credit for it in terms of the 'commission' definition of my list. But it does need to be talked about because, well, this is amazing. Once again, thank you Llyth!

FourPices (Arlen vs Kaga series)

My good friend continues to supply this ongoing series with his amazing renders. One of these days I'll add a commissioned work to add in to this wonderful banter between two hot OCs. I believe Arlen is winning, but I have to go through the records and see. Regardless, Meta-OC-Tsundere vs Kunoichi. The fight goes on.

This commission came in later in 2023. I guess with "Ring in the Season" commissions from Thunk, it's hard to get them on the top slot because of where they come in. But regardless, I had fun building this and that series is just fun for me. Will see where we stand for 2024's "Ring in the Season".


::Top 10 Commissions of 2023::

This year was fun. I had a lot of fun collaborations and fun art to show off! Much like last year, there may be a lot of Arlen's Crusade representations. Towards the end of the year, I pivoted away from the Crusade since the project was in an intermission-limbo stage. Other commissions that involved other prominent characters and situations started coming around and I do believe despite the strong presentation of Arlen's Crusade, I was able to fork out some good commissions from fantastic artists. Again, it's hard to pick from the crop of the year and as I repeat, no way do I NOT appreciate the other artworks I gathered. Just, these ten stood out. So let's get to it, shall we?

by: Lunara

Pretty recent commission. I know, I can't leave my Cute WoL alone, can I? This time around A'rlen got herself caught by some kind of pirate and got herself on a plank walk! While this is not the only DiD A'rlen got herself in, it's the one that I can say stands out. Of course, Lunara does magic as always. Many thanks to her!

Kaitlin Star has been a hot commodity the last few years ever since I got some traction on her commissions. I've also taken it upon myself to start targeting her while wearing some of her other sexy outfits from the show. "Oh, Brother" had a sexy outfit that Kaitlin was jumping around kicking and beating up skugs. Just had to continue giving that outfit homage. DayanRani is a new player but their work enticed me.

Oh yes! A very saucy commission, for sure! Miles is a very familiar artist that I reunited with for this lovely commission. Based on a very favorite DiD-Fic of mine, Arlen added an OC who needed attention after being trussed up in a very strenuous and degrading manner. Also, Arlen took credit for that capture!

Ah! Destro snags one after making an appearance this year! And we got ourselves the MCU powerhouse, Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch. She's in her 'classic' WandaVision outfit, of course. And Arlen got herself a magic outfit variation of her normal fitter! As always, Destro comes with variations! I love it!

Ah, this one holds a special place in my heart. Adding Julia Carpenter/Spider-Woman in the mix had always been the plan but the late Lathiira supplied. As usual, Alex does amazing work so combine that with this commission being the last thing that Lathiira and I worked on, yeah, it's something special. It also continues the mini theme within Arlen's Crusade so there's that!

Frozen's 10th Anniversary is this year and of course, I had to indulge! There were a couple of Frozen-related commissions for November and I had to pick this one to hit the list as painful as it was to take out the other two. The ironic thing is that this outfit isn't even from Frozen... it's from Frozen II. Meh. Still works. It's Elsa.

A collaboration commission with WildCard4774. Always try to get a collab with Shadow because we always seem to work well together. This time around, we got Somiko--a very lewd talent who graced my commission hobby for the first time this year. I love this one. It's A'rlen and another FF hottie, Lightning, in a very peculiar scenario. Can't go wrong with that.

Another Kaitlin Star! This gal's distress from me will never stop. Her moment was never fully realized and it had some opportunities so yes, I'm going to keep coming back to it. Also, Alex always does amazing work. Kaitlin looks as worried and as tightly restrained as she should've been when it was her 'crowning' moment in Season 1 Episode 17.

by: Dafuq

DaFuq came out swinging with this commission! One of the standouts for the Deviants in regards to Arlen's Crusade. It's definitely a bit more lewd that the usual things BUT it is pretty punny so no one is complaining. That's for sure! That and Storm should be a damsel more. Arlen made sure of that.

Would it be a huge surprise that Llyth nabbed another #1 spot for another year? Honestly, it might be unfair with the type and quality of commission I throw her way. Regardless, there is a reason why I trust Llyth with my hard-earned cash and with big projects like this. She was able to pull off each aspect without any major hiccups. There are small changes here and there, but at the end of it, Llyth made this commission stand out to me for 2023.



2023 was a unique year. While it had its amazing usual artists that I work with, there were also newcomers that I can confidently say with the right funds, I would be willing to work with again. There's also that unfortunate event with Lathiira and I am sure the small group would be willing to put more in honor of his name in regards to art. As far as 2024 goes, Arlen's Crusade will continue, A'rlen Sirushi will get more attention, and perhaps others like Kaitlin Star and the like. I will try to seek out more 3D commissioned art and perhaps we'll try to go for more SFW commissions. We'll see though. Pretty excited! See you all next year!

Until Next Time!

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