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APEX: Ganyu (Genshin Impact)

A #Genshin_Impact statue in my collection! What do you know? For my second (yes, second) catch, it's no one else but the cute and admirably irresistible Ganyu... aka "Goat Girl" / "Sexy Goat"... as I had named her. Been wanting some more Genshin Ladies and Ganyu made herself far more available than Yomiya or Raiden (and you too, Amber). Well, with that said, I didn't snag her myself. A very good friend did for me so here I am with a Ganyu figurine from Apex. Enough of the wind up! Let's get to the review!

APEX is a new company in my collection. One thing is obvious, they're a little higher up the usual price tag I get for import statues (thank you again for getting this for me. you know who you are). The higher the tag, the more it's going to have to deliver. The box alone isn't giving off 'cheap' vibes and price. It's definitely a higher class.

The transparent and sturdy box of Ganyu is probably one of the best packaging I have come across--Hot Toys not withstanding, of course. APEX definitely put some thought with the aesthetics of the box--which from first glance it may look simple but from the way the blue color fade to become more transparent to show the figure inside, to the font, the small designs that represents Ganyu, I definitely enjoyed it. Not to mention, it's pretty sturdy and keeps the product inside protected.

Promotional art in the back is also quite nice. It definitely knows how to sell the figure by showcasing some really great attention to detail to the character's intricate costume designs (Genshin is a nightmare for artists it seems).

Opening the box, there is a small amount of assembly and I mean small. The figurine also comes with this amazing artwork. Genshin Impact official art is always nice if you ask me.

I don't know much about Genshin Impact. It's not my cup-of-tea game because of the 'got-ya' tactics that comes with the genre. But one can't deny that they pump out some pretty looking characters with very intricate designs. Makes Final Fantasy characters look mundane at times and that's a feat (not looking at you FFXV!). With the constant addition of new characters, it's sometimes hard to keep up or pushing some gals in the background (poor Amber!) but there are some who manages to stick it through and gals like Ganyu (Raiden, Yae Miko, Yomiya, Mona) seems to be main stays. Heck, Ganyu gets a figurine so that's saying something, right? Which I'm glad Ganyu got one because she is a cutie, that's for sure.

At first, it was easy for me to say that Ganyu's costume design isn't the most complicating compared to her other 'peers', but the closer I inspected her, the more I realized that she has a lot more going than I initially gave her credit for. No doubt that Ganyu has her own intricacies when we are talking about her outfit, that's for certain.

Despite the challenges, I do believe that APEX was able to put into plastic almost every little meticulous detail that Ganyu has in her costume design. First I want to point out the sleeves which are layered based on how Ganyu looks in game. And there are plenty there to just kind of appreciate in terms of translating it from game to plastic. The layered cuffs, the lining, and the likes are not lazily put together. They are sculpted with care and attention. That same care stems off into her dress piece/bustier, which also has the same patterns as her sleeves and they mirror each other quite well. The sculpt work on her loin cloth definitely looks amazingly and this same work circles around the back part as well, giving every piece of her a consistent feeling. I also love the detailed red tassels hanging on the side.

Her posture is a very familiar pose she does with a lot of the promotional official art that one will see of Ganyu. It's not anywhere close to being a very lively pose but I dare say that the simplicity allows a collector to appreciate the details. It's also quite sexy despite Goat Girl just standing there while 'clutching' her sphere magic (not sure what that is and too lazy to look it up at the moment).

Genshin gals have some of the most 'extra' designs and Ganyu definitely has her own flare. Glad it translated well into plastic.

Do check out the details on her 'skirt'. Again, credit to the original design but the plastic translation is quite amazing.

Her hair is probably one of Ganyu's selling point. A lot of good work is put in to give her hair some 'life' and make it look as accurate to the picture that this statue is based of. It just adds a sense of 'movement' in a figure posed in a very neutral stance.

I can't NOT praise the coloring on her. Choice of plastic color, the paint work, the shading, it's all well done! I'm just going to point out the nice paint wash on her hair. The way it fades from the matted blue to white really sells the organic look of the well sculpted waves of her hair. Her face is also done well. She looks beautiful and the paint job really did it. The skin color is amazing. Then, of course, the outfit which isn't as complicated in design and coloring as some of her peers. But it is Genshin so they all have their own intricacies that one cannot deny. And the spots with the paint details, the hem of her 'skirt' and the mixture of color on her horns really shows APEX's ability for coloring. The choices of plastic also does well since the bold red on her outfit really does stick out and adds that small contrast to Ganyu's dominantly cold blue color scheme. The gold with her bell and the lining on her skirt aren't as vibrant as the red but it does add a bit more for variety. And let me talk about her leggings! More on that.

Again, the face is pretty. Her eyes are done quite clean and the paint doesn't give her a dead 'doll' look. Can't take away from the sculpting on her hair, of course.

Again, the goat horns has the mix of red and black which is executed cleanly. She also has a thing for people touching her horns.

Look at all those intricacies!

This side profile definitely shows the details on her outfit that APEX did quite well both in the sculpt and coloring department.

This little sphere is her "Elemental Burst", or so it seems. It's perhaps called "Ice Lotus", or I'm not sure. I just did a quick google. But it's definitely prominently shown with Ganyu a lot with promotional art and videos. Fanart also has her holding this thing a lot. It looks good since it's painted quite well, showing that 'creature' that's inside. Also, angle the sphere so it looks like it's 'floating' between her palms. Don't stick the peg directly on her palm since it won't work out.

While I love a gal that shows off her legs while fighting baddies but there's also something admire with leggings. Mona and Ganyu definitely have no qualms showing their strut wearing them things. Also, the design on her leggings is also present. Again, that red sash/tassels!

Details on her shoes! The red!

The base also has a bit of charm, playing off her Cryo Elemental powers. It's also quite sturdy and Ganyu attaches to it quite easily.

I'd be shocked if she doesn't make 2023 Top catch.

Here is Apex Ganyu next to GHJH: Yae Sakura. I'm still not 100% cued in on Yae--not sure if she is a crossover character or Genshin, or what not. I'm honestly not going to try too hard to connect things since it's obvious that Yae wasn't a character I was looking for and it was during the phase I was getting certain characters for the sake of their look. But even from that, one can see the difference between Ganyu's quality and Yae's. While both have their own wins, Ganyu just takes the cake overall for me. Besides, these are two different companies anyways.

So APEX's first round to my collection. What's the verdict? The fact that it's a gift from a very special person, she's a win. The fact that it's Ganyu from Genshin, she's a win. Then APEX's execution with sculpt work, paint, pose, and presentation... it's a win. Ganyu is in my top give gals from Genshin and to get a figurine of her is definitley something I'm going to say is a win. I can't recommend her enough and most importantly, can't be thankful enough for getting her--thank you! All in all, if y'all got the bucks and the space for her, Genshin fans, she's a must. I love her and I'm very happy to have her in my collection!

Until Next Time!

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