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Arlen's Crusade I (Season END)

Updated: Feb 4

Hello folks!

So I’m very proud to say that Arlen’s Crusade reached the 50th commission piece. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean she captured 50 damsels since some of the commissioned pieces had more than one gal all trussed up. Also, there were gifts along the way from friends and fellow Crusade enthusiasts. Anyone that I don’t pay half I don’t consider as a commission but as a gift. Suffice it to say, the number of gals all damsel’ed out is higher than 50. But needless to say, I always intended for this to be a ‘seasonal’ thing–a chapter and/or milestone kind of thing before Arlen kicks off her boots and relaxes for a bit.

Just for reference, HERE IS THE LINK to Arlen Sirushi’s list of captured beauties. As one can see, it ranges from OC, to superheroines, snoops, villainesses, goddesses, magical girls, and then some (or the category of Anime, Comic Books, Video Games, etc.--if one prefers that line of thinking).


A colored picture means DONE! Damsel is tied up, captured, and gagged!

Black and white means pending! Ropes are coming.

With that said, Season II is well on its way and based on that list, there are more gals on Arlen’s hit list! Some commissions are already on the ‘pending’ or ‘WIP’ stage and will be coming shortly after but I will say that I am going to slow down on commissioning for the Crusade until 2024. Focusing on other commissions and other spending in general. But this project isn’t going to stop! I intend to make this one a long and healthy, ongoing commission series for all of you to enjoy. I will continue to take suggestions, and polls, and hack down the long list. So don’t worry. I also have a ‘milestone’ commission coming up that is an ‘intermission’ '-like pic to highlight the purpose and the silliness of Arlen’s Crusade. Definitely not stopping.

Now comes the mushy part. I want to thank everyone for supporting me/Arlen. The Patreon donations, the gifts, the collaborations, all of those mean A LOT! While any of those are necessary for me to continue the project, everyone is highly appreciated! Trust me, Arlen’s notches on her belt would be a few damsels less if it weren’t for the generosity. So, again, THANK YOU.

But, that’s it for now. Keep an eye out for more awesome stuff. Arlen Sirushi will be enjoying a good glass of wine… or something, and prep herself for the next season.

Type of DiDs for Arlen to Kidnap?

  • Anime Waifus?

  • Comic Book Heroines?

  • Misc Hotties (Movies, TV Shows, cartoons, live action, etc)?

  • OC DiDs?

Until Next Time!

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