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Art Share: Arlen's Crusade (MJ, Sam, & Emily)

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

We're not going to say that Arlen is a perfect Crusader. She definitely slips, gets the wrong gal, and just overall stumbles. This is definitely one of them! After getting Sam (Samantha Shaemin/ LittleShiroKun's OC), Emily (more on her later), takes advantage and definitely gets the better. Also a green ball gag? Not the green ball gag, but definitely salt in the wound!

Well, Arlen ain't gonna let that moment down. On the next stop of her Crusade, Arlen takes MJ (Maeve Joanna Butler/KoU32's OC) onto her wing and Emily. Admittedly, Arlen definitely gets the upper hand here, probably because MJ and Emily are all about checking out a haunted house. Well, surprise, eh?

Alright! The newest render from FourPieces--by the way, this man is just generous and amazing. Shame people don't give him the props and the credit due, but he takes it upon himself to mingle and try and gather other peoples' OC and render them. He's done a couple of render models for Arlen Sirushi and THIS is the newest version of her (and Emily Tchaikovsky). And he's also helped out with our favorite Crusader's .... shenanigan. Expect more, of course in the future! Thanks, Fours!

Until Next Time!

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