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Art Share: Lady D(i.D) Time!

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

It was only a matter of time that we would have enough #DiD material to put #Lady_D into a spotlight! I have made some posts about her some few months back and so a DiD was just bound to happen. So you put a meme-sexy-eye-catchy gal and the DiD community jump on board. So let me just share some of the ones that got on the radar of myself and I'm sure most in my neighborhood has. And for those who haven't seen these, get in, have fun, and pay the artist's some respect! Without further adieu, let's get in and have 'fun' with Lady Dimitrescu!

TodNorth is a renderer that keeps it 'safe'. Safe in pose, safe in expressions, safe and simple. But simplicity is genius. That and I don't mind one bit that Lady D is in such a secure and familiar situation.

3D artists like Jpeger takes it up a notch and I don't mind it one bit. How DiD Jill manage this? Don't know and don't care. Honestly, Jill needs some time off from her moments of Distress, right? Now gag her, Jill!

Reptileye joins the fray with his wonderful art style! But, of course, he needed/needs to add the gag to this very mouthy "damsel". Honestly, this says a lot of things and seems like she is 'letting' herself be in this situation? Regardless, it's a nice picture and if Reptile ever decides to add a variant, it's a quick fix!

Ain't no lie! She's a BIG load! Now Lady D ain't this big but to meme it, it's quite right. Funny thing is that they kept her hat and stripped everything else. Also gave her a damn gag. Good for you, PG! Good for you, sir! And good for everyone hard at work there.

Ballgagged variant

Acquiring Lady D's 3D model has a lot of good things going for her (us) since it leaves Renderers with soothing to really make do with. TheBlenderTaper is one of the well known renderers of DeviantArt and they delivered such a magnificent piece with this one. Now, she ain't pole tied but she's... chasing us while bound and gagged? I'm expecting a modded RE VIIIage with Lady D all trussed up while chasing us. I mean, they DiD it with Claire (and Jill). I'd be very excited to see that. Now, if only we can have a 'gag-talk' with these visual mods, ya know? Oh, an a variant with a ball gag because, why not?

And, of course, when we are talking about LOZ, there are going to be variants. Lots of them! Though he won't lean towards the nude (not a bad thing at all) he does have certain tastes that strikes a cord with many DiD fans out there! That cute sketch was a good warm up but the one with her portrait/bust... that we are going to get a few variants for sure! Pretty sure it's rich and proper on his patreon now.

Gadreel jumped on board too and he wanted to stash Lady D behind a couch? Well, it's appreciated too. He does some good work and I'm glad he got in with this popular trend we call Lady Dimitrescu.


LT pulls in all the stops with this! Also, Ethan seems like he's got things under control! The art's a later comer, but I can't help but share it! Whooo! It's darn good!

Well, that's about it for now. It's not over and I'm sure Lady Alcina Dimitrescu will get more "love" from the community. Heck, I might've missed some good ones to be honest with you. If I find more I'll either update this or just make another post. We shall see, right? Well, here's to hoping.

Until Next Time!

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