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Art Share: Lady D (RE VI.I.Iage) III

Time for another round of #Lady_D art share time! Her fan art is so plenty that I don't doubt I can squeeze five more blog post of this kind. Not planning on it, but if I stumble on more awesome art of her, I just might.

Reiq is awesome! He has some pretty lewd art out there and some of them are even leaning on #DiD material. It's nice for him to add his talent in this growing pool of Lady D gallery! Boobs are a bit too big for my taste, but hey, that's part of the Lady's asset that sure attracts people. Can't hate on it.

Dandonfuga is just the best. Nothing more to say than that. Love the giantess pose that is still sexy and intimidating all at the same time! Her face is also gorgeous!

Ah! Lady D and her witches! They're getting some traction too and they definitely add a good spice to an already hott flavor like Lady D. Izhar is also an artist I am not familiar with but ever-so-adore thanks to this.

From an unlikely source, the artist "Shimhaq" just nailed it with this piece. There is a certain 'badassery' look to her. She's for sure-and should be- confident woman. But, how do those claws retract, by the way?

I know that the claws out pose with Lady D is a bit out done but I had to put J_Paul's art in here because I like this a lot. Again, what is up with the retractability of them claws?!

What a fun and knock from Mamalade Mum! I remember Bowsette! She definitely had a HUGE pop some time back--her fame died down a lot but she's still around. We all know that Lady D is still and will be around for a bit. Depending on how she plays out in the game, it might have an effect on her popularity; it might also make her a very potent flavor of the month or a very household spice. We'll see.

A Cosplay? Yes. It's art! Dishamronica is a cosplayer I adore for a lot of reasons. She deserves a few posts on my blog just on her alone -but- that is neither here or now. But having her cosplay Lady D... let's just say, y'all need to check her page out!

Danielle Denocila is new in my radar but just seeing this cosplay may make her a usual in my blog. This is a sexy pose for sure. It's a good costume too! Very lovely!

Third installment and still more coming I'm sure! Let's see how she ends up when the game actually comes out, eh? I'm sure we'll be getting a ton more of art work... fetish, pinups, or just lovely art in general. Get ready!

Until Next Time!

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