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Art Share: Lady D (RE VI.I.lage) 2

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Another post about #Lady_D; Tall Vampire Lady from #Reisdent_Evil_VIllage! Yes, she's that damn popular right now that the artwork just keeps pouring. Anyways, let's carry on and see what the fandom has come up with. Mind you, this is Part II and Part I had some amazing stuff.

Kachima is definitely a familiar face! His art always leans on lewd and highly detailed with curves and shadowing. He also tends to get on popular trends so him taking on Lady D was a no brainer. Looks good.

Not familiar with Bernice but maybe I should be since this illustration of Lady D is just amazingly done! It has this Persona feel/manga covers look. Definitely fitting for a dynamic shot of Lady D!

Sometimes just being glam and gorgeous is enough; even if you are a Bio Organic Weapon! Kamii made a fantastic drawing that will probably never reflect how we are going to feel about Lady D once she transforms and maul Ethan to death.

Now this is pretty unique and out of the norm from the ones I have gathered before! I had to share this one though because it is both awesome and a fantastic homage to one of my favorite fighting game series! If a "VS" series pops up with Capcom again, I'm sure putting her in would get massive fanfare! And Gate did awesome with this one!

Logancure definitely went all in with the sexy and very thirsty look! I'm not opposed to it! I'm sure Ethan or Chris isn't against it either.

Now this is ominous but still very stylish! I like how the white is a focus and it becomes Lady D's hat and dress, which also fades in as her background! To top it off, that glowing yellow eye! That smirk! Kugelcruor did wonders with this art for sure!

Lady D and that door way is going to live in infamy. But Wickellia did something different by just having Lady D extend one claw rather that show all five. Also, surprise, surprise, she's doing it seductively.

BONUS! This witch, Daniela is also getting some traction. For good reason. She's not a bad looker, truth to be told! Dandonfuga definitely does magic and every gal he touches turns out incredibly sexy!

Well, I'm sure more will come between now and after the game's release. Will definitely share more and I have something to share from my own bank account as well! Very excited for that!

Until Next Time!

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