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Art Share: Rikku (3D)

A statue of Rikku that is a bit more on the saucy side and an affordable one? Is this real or just my fantasy? Well, I stumbled on THIS little beauty and I couldn't believe my eyes.

Truth to be told, seeing the 3D printed items on that website, it's actually quite impressive. Needs some really good coloring skills that I do not possess! But still, to get a Rikku statue of this caliber on my collection is a dream come true. Unfortunately, I'm not going to pull the trigger on this one.

Yes, even this "NSFW" version is that much more tempting, I won't do it. Though I can adore this lovely 3D art from this angle and... yeah. Maybe one day when there is an affordable and better 3D printer in my grasp? Maybe? Til that time comes, I'll just enjoy and share the lovely works of my fellow humans out there. One day! I'll have a high-caliber Rikku X-2 statue. One day.

Until Next Time!

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