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Art Share: The Dragon's Song

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

This is an amazing surprise from a fellow FFXIV fan and deviant, Iorel. Seriously, out of his own time and hard work, he just made this, and damn, isn't it appreciated! I love my A'rlen Sirushi! And getting some love for her in actual 'in-game art' is definitely something I can appreciate! Seriously! The guy is awesome for doing this!

Her hair is down. Hard to see. Not 100% on this look but Iorel has shown it to me before!

Clearly, the pose should be recognizable to any hardcore Final Fantasy fan. Made famous by Kain from FFIV.

There have been only a few instances that A'rlen took her helmet off while wearing this armor. It's a good look, truth be told! As a matter of fact, A'rlen actually rarely uses this armor--only on special fights. Which makes its novelty of it last to this day. That and it just looks too darn cool. Definitely my favorite Dragoon armor!

Many thanks again to Iorel for this! Seriously, I can't express how much I appreciate it! Thanks, sir! Check out his gallery for more awesome #DiD and non-DiD stuff!

Until Next Time!

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