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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday" / Water Peril

Summer is ending and no more fun in the sun. No more beach, no more rafting activities, and more risk of water peril. Right? Nah! For #Tied_Up_Tuesday this week, we are going to just enjoy the beach weather for just a little longer with the theme for this week! So, let's get into the spirit, shall we?

Ah, yes! Jaws scare! Shio-Bari always delivers and this is fantastic! No 'real' peril, right?

Oh, Mai! Frogtied, leashed, and falling fast! I guess you don't need to gag her. Still would though!

I've posted Part I of Lara's Involuntary Dive before. Heck, I might've posted Part II as well. Can't help it. This one fits the bill. Also, Lara's swimsuit gives her a perfect moment for some DiD-ing around.

Now this is a unique water peril and also a very rare damsel. I should explore the Agarest War gals again. Heck, maybe it's time for a water peril, right?

Ah! The Alladin GiD peril that is so translatable to other #DiDs. Well, I'm not sure how much it makes sense for Elsa, but who cares? It's DiD, it's water peril, and it's amazing.

Speaking of Alladin moment! Here's Princess Jasmine joining the deep end. Liganometry is a common artist I promote on #TuT and this work is nothing short of amazing.

And, of course! What is a good DiD without a Marvel damsel involved? After all, since Disney owns Marvel, they can share the (in)famous GiD scene and make it more appealing, right?

Can't leave a water peril without Wonder Woman. At least she's not getting nabbed by an octopus or getting shoved to the bottom of the ocean. She's getting some pool time! Deeper side, of course.

ANDDD, speaking of tentacles and Disney! This one's an OC homage to the Littler Mermaid. And also, there's no drowning peril involved. Just in peril from a crazy Ursula-esque captor for the red-headed beauty.

Well, that's about it for this week. We're hitting a festive few months so be prepped for more themed TuTs! As always, check out the artists' galleries!

Until Next Time!

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