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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday (27)"

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

#Tied_Up_Tuesday once again, eh? What do we have this week? Well since October just waved goodbye, we might as well do some semi-post-Halloween #DiD this week. So without further adieu, here is November's first Tuesday!

Shadownightjpn and ThunkStudio definitely have chemistry shown through their collaborations. And as a fellow commissioner, I do tip my hat to ShadowNightJPN for having a theme and a muse to dedicate themselves to. Definitely, a fan of Daphne and I like how he 'fills in the gaps' during Daphne's capture in Mystery Mask Mix-up. Even went as far as staying in canon by not having her feet tied. Do check out their gallery, and, of course, check out Thunk's--someone who is more than a familiar 'face' in my gallery.

Blackprof's gallery is full of themed art. His "Evolutions" and "The Kidnapping of" Are spices within the community and I feel that he has inspired traditional artists and renderers to follow the trend. I, myself, comm'ed him for his Spider-Woman VS (Rikku/Terra) theme. This time, I'm going to showcase his "The Kidnapping of Bayonetta". A nine-part series that is definitely worthy of a chef's kiss! Definitely fitting since Bayonetta 3 DiD come out (with controversy that, funnily enough, needed to be gagged).

Well now! With the massive buzz of the Game Trailers/Gameplays earlier this month, some hotties are getting some attention. Ada Wong is definitely a fan favorite within the RE universe, showing her was a good choice and I'm just waiting for more DiD of her (canon #DiD, please)--another gal that is also getting some steam: Ashley Williams! And Sharp is quick to do it! Loving that art! Going to love seeing the flood of art coming off her and, of course, Ada.

Staying with Resident Evil, let's go with Jill and a few minor playable characters from RE3 Remake Multiplayer. Now they're all said and good but the story that Skvwriel intended (or unintendedly) to tell is that a strong and capable woman like Jill....simply rendered useless like the other gals she is bound and gagged with. Now she's a member of these helpless damsels. Watch out for Zombies.

And one more for Resident Evil! Couldn't leave Ada off the table even if I was tempted to find one for Claire (I'm a Claire and Ada guy and it was hard to choose to leave one behind). This is also a fitting story since Ada Wong and Annette Birkin are definitely at odds. Seeing a non-combatant scientist overtake a trained spy like Ada is always an enticing scenario. The choice of binding and gag definitely put it all together. Ada is going to stay put for a bit.

Well, it's a pretty stacked Tuesday. This post is a post-Halloween so I tried to make the art/Damsels revolve around the spooky and horror theme. Monsters, witches, and zombies... definitely more than fitting! Let's see what's next!

Until Next Time!

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