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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday (54)"

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Here we go! Another year of #Tied_Up_Tuesday! Another week without a certain theme so we'll just adore the community's contribution to the DiDness, okay? With that said, let's get into ti! Another #TuT for us to enjoy!

Cammy's gotten a bit of a spike in regard to her popularity, huh? Must have something to do with SF6's showing of Cammy. While the art above doesn't exactly represent Cammy in her SF6 duds, it is her in her classic leotard with the SFV (I believe) flare. Also, there's Juri. Not gonna complain. Cammy's trying but she got that bit on.

A tribute to Lathiira who passed away, this render of Jessica Drew is from none other than Gadreel. Of course, we all know that Lat was more for Julia but he was definitely a fan of The First and the Best Spider-Woman. Awesome tribute to my friend! Jess thinks so too.

And, of course, we have Genshin Impact gals. This one is a bit more lewd, but who is complaining? Got Ganyu in there, the cutest Goat Girl ever. Also, variants. So we're all good!

Now one has to know that I'm done with 'redo' of a lackluster or missing something DiD moment. The Ultimat Alliance scene where Ms. Marvel was captured by thugs, well... it was definitely missing something for sure. Gagging her is always a plus!

And then the three classics! My favorite Lois Lane, Daphne, and of course April. Let's enjoy it then, shall we?

Well, that's about it for this episode of TuT. So do enjoy this week! Pretty sure going to find a few goodies for next time aroound.

Until Next Time!

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