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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday" / Body Wrap

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

August is rolling in with themes, ain't it? Got another one for this week! What is the theme, one might ask? Well, total -almost- complete mummification! Whether be it by webbing, tape, rope, or other things, we are going for full-on (almost) body bondage! So nuff said! Let's get into it!

That's a lot of good duct tape to hold these strong and independent women! The Mad Gang definitely made sure ain't no one acting a fool. Juri ain't happy about it either. And it looks like Chun Li and Cammy ain't happy about their roommate. Also, a fun fact, Cammy is the only one who didn't wear her new duds. Must have been a lost memo somewhere. Oh well, she would've been kidnapped regardless.

Latex bondage and almost completely covering a damsel. Sexy! I like the idea of a 'displayed' damsel, which could warrant its own theme one day. But for now, the fact that Makoto is in full body suit minus the upper half of her head, heel, and toes, is a bit more in my 'full-body' bondage idea. But yeah, a Sailor Senshi museum. Down.

This pic by Alex definitely is all about the fear of spiders. And definitely a bit more towards the morbid side. But the DiD involved and the mummified gals in the back, yeah it fits the theme, for sure.

PG is a pretty good source if one wants to see some mummification and/or some heavy body bondage. Cutie over here is from Rocketeer and I often wonder why she wasn't bound up in the movie since she had a kidnapping scene. Guess PG and the comm'er fixed that, right?

And I gotta highlight PG again. The uniqueness of Samus' distress with those bindings (technology based it seems) as a full on body bondage is something I cannot just leave out with this post. Also the humiliation of watching someone else put on her power armor? Yeah I'm down with this pic!

Ah! A render! Can't leave this genre of DiD art behind! While it's meant to be webbing, it looks more like liquid goo, but either or, I'm glad it's doing its job. Also, I like the fact that it decides to gag Gwen before completely covering her face. She'll survive. If not, there are other Gwens in the Multiverse probably having some time in distress.

Well! A Spider-Gal OC from another Multiverse nabbing a sexy Southern Belle by the name of Rogue! (Lathiira would love this, not to mention TakeOverFairy's Arachne is the one doing the kidnapping is also a double brownie points). Surprisingly, it ain't webbings used to mummify. Rather, the combo of ropes, belts, and duct tape! Brilliant!

The DC Animated Era! They had some serious hotties! Of course, no one is sitting here saying that Summer Gleeson was anywhere close to Lois Lane's popularity. FAR from it. But I'm not gonna turn down a hot brunette nearly covered with ropes and gagged to boot. And funny how Lois got the duct tape treatment. Hopefully, they didn't fully cover those wonderful legs of hers!

Ah! MuMuffet in my gallery once more, eh? And they really applied the much needed rope on Kora and Asami! Gotta admit, I'm not the most knowledgeable fan when it comes ot Kora and her antics, but I do know that these two are one hot couple--and I also know that they are really covered up with rope other than some gratuity on the head, chest, and feet! I'm sure there's no complaints.

Well, it's time to wrap it up this week. Wrap.... it up. Okay, enough bad puns. Here's to next week's TuT! See y'all next time and don't forget to visit these artists' awesome galleries!

Until Next Time!

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