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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday (Xmas I)"

Holiday season! As the first Tuesday of December, this post has a lot to do in terms of putting the Festivities Mood in place! With that said, from a 2-week hiatus, #TuT is now returning with a vengeance! So let's just enjoy some wonderful art involving the season greetings idea! Let's go!

The Android spilled some milk, didn't she? Also, an Android--a group of them--would make good reindeer. Imagine A2 and 2B in the forefront. But the way she's bound here isn't exactly for mobility purposes. Oh well, 2B's having fun. But that's a lot of milk.

Speaking of milk....... yeah, Shio and their OCs do some great moments for sure. But yeah, most likely that's another milk spilled and no silent night.

Comm'ed by BondageGames, this beautiful piece takes the Mimic idea and puts it in within the Christmas Season! ThunkStudio always does magic and this is a nifty thing between idea and executor!

Of course! Paula Peril! In fact, the funny thing is that it's been a while since we got a holiday pinup involving Ms. Peril. Paula must also feel very itchy with that tinsel. Also, one of the rare times I don't mind Paula getting gagged. I'm sure it's coming though.

Again, Mimic Christmas Tree. Also, it's doing St. Nick's bidding by ensuring people actually wait until Christmas to open their present. No peeking! This cutie elf learned the hard way. Now she won't be able to taste freedom until the Silent Night. Hoping it's the 23rd... or 20th. She can stay stuffed, struggling, and distressed.

Alright! December! Going to try to be active this month for TuT, but last month was harder than normal. Also, will also try to adhere to the festivity, if I can.

Until Next Time!

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