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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday (78)"

Here we are with another Tied Up Tuesday! And another Tuesday to celebrate Damsels in Distress! Since it's the month of love, we will have to make sure to be super inclusive about giving our damsels some love! So without further ado, let's dive in to what I found saucy to share for this week! As always, do check out the artists responsible for these beautiful renders and artwork! Enjoy!

Oh you know Destro! The man has a knack for making DiD theme eve spicier than it will ever be! Not to mention, the man is into some classics and some gems in the DiD world! When he blasted off for 2024, he made sure some Redheads fell into place and this is the amazing result!

The best thing about Gwenpool is that she is hyper-aware of the DiD trope since she is omniscient. That's her gimmick as a comic book character since she's from 'our world'. She knows the ins and outs of every comic book character. Well, I'm sure she's aware then that Victor has a thing for Damsels too.

Oh, man! Classic Lara Croft! There's not much to say about this situation other than it's hot as hell and I'm sure Lara agrees--if she can talk through her socks that were stuffed inside her mouth (headcanon, but probably a logical situation that happened). Also, the baddies were kind enough to make sure she kept her glasses.

If this happened in Stormblood, I'm sure it would have more fans than it has. Also, loving how Y'shtola is responding with her ears! Gotta make sure the Miqo's ears are expressed with these renders and drawn art!

Magik and Kitty Pryde? How DiD someone manage to nab these powerful Mutants? Simple, rendered them unconscious. It is, after all, Sleepy's signature DiD tool!

Oh yeah. Cammy was bound to get moments like these with her assets in full display. She DiD, after all, flaunt them about. I'm also a fan of her new outfit, so there's that.

Aunt Cass! Yeah, the moment she was seen, we all knew she was gonna get a moment. And was she on a special blind date that ended up rather sour? Well, no matter. I'm sure she's going to get rescued.

I swear there's nothing more satisfying than seeing a strong 'I-can-do-it' female protagonist get herself into a bind and need rescue. Or at the very least, getting into a bind and needing a LOT of time and a LOT of struggling to get out. Ellie may have some controversy due to how the LoU 2 came about--something I didn't really care to get into but believe me. The DiD arts that came are always welcome. Renders or anything else for that matter!

It is Valentine's week you know! Gotta make sure some of these damsels are somewhat decent and well-kept in terms of company! Jamo_Art knocks it out of here again, of course.

Well, that's it for this week! Feb is the month of Love so will be loving for sure!

Until Next Time!

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