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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday (91)"

We have another week to appreciate Tuesday--TIED UP TUESDAY, that is. This one's going to be another busy and all-over-the-place kind of TuT! But who cares, right? We're going to have some fun and so will the Damsels!

Ah, Samus Aran! She is always a treat! And this Deviant gave us a moving gif Samus! A good Tuesday already!

Mavis Dracula is for sure a Damsel that rarely crosses this blog. She's that cute Vampire daughter from that very peculiar animated movie and she's a standout. Of course, the coffin bondage stretcher may be cliche--fits though. Also, Mavis is most definitely targeted in a certain Crusade.

DoA is a treasure trove for Damsels. I'm surprised I haven't dipped in there. Maybe I should send Arlen that direction some day? I'm a bit more towards the Kunoichis, but the rest of the ladies won't put a strain on TuT and the DiD community one bit!

I'm sure this artist is pretty recognizable, right? Llyth was working super hard to make this 8-page comic come to life and my, oh my, DiD she do a damn good job! I'm not the biggest fan of Horizon, but I can appreciate Alloy. Also, Llyth DiD a damn good job turning a GiD scene into something golden.

Can never get enough of Tifa. And with the Remake series going on for a few more years yet, Tifa continuously gets the spotlight and we're all for it. Renders like above will keep on flowing!

This one is from the deviant @suiktwopointoh. OC DiD comic and I'm all for it. A snooping confident young woman finding herself in a situation. Least her kidnappers let her keep her beanie, eh?

Jill and Sheva! RE gals who sport jeans and tanktops. Bound and gagged together, seated, and completely helpless. Jill, while not entirely happy to be a damsel, wont' be losing any fame or spotlights. She's well-known already. Sheva, on the other hand, may need to get more time in the public since she's so under utilized!

I need to watch Invincible. Samantha aka Atom Eve, definitely needs to get more of these scenarios. Truth to be told, she might need to be Crusaded.

This is a goodie! More comic book panel goodies, eh? This is also an amazing DiD scene and while Bunny Vreeland may not get the accolade like Selina DiD with 'Almost Got 'im', the fact that her first appearance gots her all bound and gagged and mmmph'ing "behind you".... yeah. Golden.

Alright, folks. That's it for this week! It's another mix of a lot of fandoms but, hey! It all works within the theme of TuT!

Until Next Time!

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