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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday (93)"

The second week of June and here we are. This Tuesday, we are going to give half the Vixens some love and other pretty amazing Damsels who deserve the time in the spotlight. SO without further adieu, let's get into TuT, shall we?

Yeah, Mornth really is fairly 'new' in my crosshairs but he does amazing work. I enjoy the story being told through one pic and a few gifs to give it the narrative to compliment the beautiful art. Amen.

Doppelganger swaps! One of my favorite themes in a DiD realm! I don't know anything about Hilda or her Pokemon story, but I do know I appreciate her giving us the moment.

Invincible looks like a good show and Atom Eve looks like a damn good character. She's even a better Damsel both as Atom Eve and her civilian identity, Samantha Eve Wilkins. She might be an interesting prospect.... hhhmmm.

I always love me some Princess Ashelia DiD moments. She never seems to get enough.

Yor is high on the anime waifu-list, that much is certain. I honestly do believe that she needs to get attention soon. She has two iconic look and either her Thorn Princess or Mama Yor--both are good ways to get this assassin into DiD.

Well, Street Fighter DiD, Juri, enters TuT once more. Street Fighter gals definitely give us a lot of time to see them in ropes, chains, gags, etc. We love it.

Oh, and then there's the headcanon rivalry of Claire and Ada. These two seem to be going back and forth in the DiD community and we got a lot of popcorn!

Oh perfect! 2B in DiD is always welcome here. Heck, if I save it up, eventually we can do a 2B TuT, right?

A damsel without a gag is usually not high on the list (unless you're Kaitlin Star). But, hey, I do love the peril here and the art is aamazing.

Ah, the GiD moment that gives the DiD community something to play with. And when DiD artists like Serisabibi are commissioned to mix it up--for this case, the mix up is giving Rapnuzel both Alladin's moment and a pink version of Jasmine's outfit--well, we got ourselves a fantastic amalgmation. I'm all for it.

Well, Tuesday is over once again. June continues to grace us with another good TuT! And believe me, the next few are going to be just as good.

Until Next Time!

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