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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday (Anime)"

We have this week again! Going with a theme this time around as a means to motivate me to continue poking at this poll. Let's pay homage this week to anime. Why did I decide on anime for TuT this week other than pointing more fingers at Arlen's Crusade? Not sure really. But anyway, let's get on with this week's goodness, shall we?

Kakegurui is a very peculiar anime filled with sex appeal and a gambling rush. I watched the entire series on Netflix and honestly, the animation is good and the characters are intense. Not going to say it's my favorite anime of all time but I am going to say there are plenty of DiDs in there. Kirari Momobami is definitely high on the list and since she's so arrogantly powerful and works so hard as a president, she deserves a time on the chair.

I don't know anything about this character or the anime she came from but I am down for some tight crotch rope'ing and some humiliation for my DiD. At least she's going to have privacy, right?

One Piece is an anime I don't think I'll ever watch but I'm down for a damsel tied to a barrel of some sort while showing off her legs.

My Hero Academia is an anime I actually enjoy. There are some good characters there and some noteworthy DiDs. Midnight got a canonical DiD time even if it was just a 'mock' bondage. Luckily, Jam did their best to add some improvements.

Mash is cute. A cute little anime girl with a gigantic shield. She's also getting a foot worship DiD'ing around. Her captor got some magic going on with her foot too.

SpyxFamily is the next on the list to watch. Yor made her rounds during her entrance into mainstream and needless to say, she is getting her well-deserved DiD time, that is for sure!

Makima over here is from Chainsaw Man and apparently, she's powerful. That's okay. Kusujinn gave us a moment to show her vulnerability. And in motion too.

Speaking of power, Merlin, Diane, and Elizabeth are powerful in their own right. However, nothing a little bondage can't fix, eh?

Another character from My Hero Academia--Ochaco Uraraka! Quirk: Gravity! Weakness: BONDAGE! She's a cute damsel with a pretty adorable outfit. She looks better in ropes as Magnolia demonstrated here.

I was quite fond of Mt. Lady the first time I saw her. She had a good kick. Another great addition from MHA!

If there is an anime list, Dragon Ball can almost be a good participant every single time. They're not known for their damsels but they do have them. You know SSJs, right? They yell a lot. I'm sure Kale is going to be screaming her lungs out through her gag.

Not familiar at all with this Gundam series that Lunamaria over here is from. One thing I will say though: I love the uniform. I know this is the second art work from Kusujinn but who cares, right? The man continues to be a repeat in my blog for good reasons.

May. Well, perfect! It's the first Tied Up Tuesday of May! Of course, it would be fitting if this Pokemon Hunter joined the fray of utterly helpless and hopeless endeavor.

My Hero Academia isn't the only anime with the most represented damsels in this blog. Chainsaw Man's Makima represents and while her first artwork is just a close-up of her lovely face, this time around it's a full-on spread. Though the gal is still dangerous as hell.

Ah! Asuka Soryu Langley. She always puts herself in a situation that deserves time in bondage. I, for one, definitely think that she needs this kind of attention and treatment. As far as tsundere goes, a favorite of mine.

Well, that's it for anime Tied Up Tuesday! Will see y'all next week when we get another round of gorgeous DiDs getting DiD time!

Until Next Time!

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