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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday" Final Fantasy Gals II

Arlen's Crusade: Terra Branford

Final Fantasy time! I know, it's during the holiday season but fear not! There will be some holiday-esque theme going on with the Final Fantasy brand! If anything else, no one will care that much since FF gals are universally adored so there are good things that come when it comes to binding these lovelies! With that said, let's get into it!

Three FF hotties hogtied and gagged with duct tape? Kidnapped and rendered completely helpless in TIfa's own bar? Yeah, it's a good addition! Why not!

It's easy to see Tifa DiD artwork ya know. And I know it's a bit out of season, but come on now! Can't have a Final Fantasy DiD #TuT without Tifa Lockhart.

And I know that KarusoMaker's stuff is somewhat on the edgier side--but least he still does bondage and it does its job. And, I know! Off season!

I have no idea if I've posted this one before, but come on now! If it's a double post, it still is rather fitting considering it's FFX's resident hott black mage: Lulu. And the fact that she's all trussed up with her own belts.... it's fitting! Speaking of, she needs to join the Crusade soon, don't she?

I always like the dynamic of young and hyperactive kidnapping/tying up a more experienced and calmer gal. Well, all of that experience didn't gain Quistis any victories, right?

Alright, going to end this one real fast with a FFXIV OC RDM. OC of HazyFlame, it's always nice to see someone else's OC get their moment of distress! Another ship-related shenanigans, it seems!

Alright, a real quick Tied Up Tuesday. Please check out the artists' featured in this post to find more amazing art!

Until Next Time!

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