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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday" Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a #DiD Queen! She isn't the first but she showed us what a Superheroine damsel looks like. For the past eight decades, Diana has been struggling, groaning, and glaring through her constant need to keep her Bondage Queen crown. Whether we are talking about the DiD community's work, comic canonical moments, or even other media through cinema/shows and video game scenes, it's hard to deny just how bondage is synonymous with Wonder Woman. No, not even the modern age can deny that. Yes, her weakness of 'being bound by a man' is no longer a mainstream thing, her magic lasso still finds itself tying her up more often than one would guess. With that said, to celebrate her first appearance way back in All-Star Comics vol.1 number 8, this is Tied Up Tuesday dedicated to Diana Prince. The Queen of Superheroine bondage. Do enjoy yourself.


There are a TON of fanart of Wonder Woman involving her in bondage. Lasso, in chains, bound by a man, just plot-DiD device, tape, and all of that. Whether she's comm'ed in ropes or just talented artists just wanting to give her some lasso'ed time, there's no lack of bondage art for sure. Here is just a FRACTION of them. And to keep myself from tangent too much, I'm keeping the red, blue, white, and gold costumes... which, on their own, have varieties. With that said, let's go at it! Also, not going to talk much. Just going to let the pictures speak their thousand words.

Wonder Woman Golden Age Remix

Wonder Woman (various commissioned works) by: ReneMecheleti


As far as the Canonical landscape goes, that is where Wonder Woman gained her bondage-queen notoriety! She was consistently in bondage during the golden age! Once again, there are probably a ton I missed but there are some good ones here. Enjoy! Some of them I had to credit some deviants for finding for me.

Speaking of the Golden Age!

Clearly there's more to add when it comes to the Golden Age, but I'll be here all night if I hunt and post every single bondage moment Diana had during that time.


Now I've added some to the already abundant DiD pics of Diana. Not much, but hey, one can't say I didn't do my job when it comes to the Bondage Queen.

Done by StudioKatsumi and Kachima, one can't help but admire the Queen sitting on her throne!

In Conclusion...

I can't even scratch the surface. Wonder Woman is legendary when it comes to bondage. She's even a meme for it. I had initially wanted to touch base on her DiD scenes in animated movies, Lynda Carter's scenes, some animated series, and even video games, but that was going to make this post WAY TOO LONG so I figured I might do a part two somewhere down the line. But, there is no denying that Wonder Woman's time in bondage is pivotal and perhaps paved the way for a lot of Superheroine damsel-ing around. I know the argument that it could have been easily someone else, and maybe, but the fact is that it's Diana who took that chair so it's her. DC has a strong line-up and Marvel has a lot of damsels too but all in all, Wonder Woman is the Queen of Superheroine damsels. Let us acknowledge (and enjoy) her struggles. Thank you, Wonder Woman. Thank you to the artists (both fanart and canonical), the comm'ers, and the entire DiD community who continue to celebrate her existence. And thank you to Joe Marston--you horny bastard!

Until Next Time!

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