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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday (Xmas II)

I know, it's Tied Up Tuesday for (only) the second time this month! And what better way for it too! The day after Christmas! Hope y'all got some good gifts, festive food, and bonding time with family! With that said, plenty for Tied Ue Tuesday tonight! Lots of pics so we're going with fewer words and just use the lovely images to make it all happen.

Santa's helper really gonna need some help tonight. But someone's going to enjoy the gift wrapping for sure.

Tangled up in such a Frozen cold night. Got ourselves one of the best Disney Princesses and the Queen herself.

SanePerson made a really lewd and festive DiD moment for Hermoine. Do check out their gallery to see the rest of it!

At the Mercy of the Holiday spirits, right? Feel like she's going to be over-watched.

That's the perfect stocking stuffed! Candycane gags too!

Hojo's Miyuri can't even get a Holiday break, can she? Well, Winter's not gonna break any time soon for sure!

Chun Li's thighs can't fit through the chimney. Juri isn't exactly graceful at this. And Cammy... well seems like she's the present. All different levels of Distress, right?

Elf not on a shelf. But definitely ready for the festivities, eh?

And what's the Holidays without a trussed up Wonder Woman, right?

Intimate DiD'ing around--or someone making use of their Holiday Toy? Who knows? Who cares, right?

Commissioned by knightkiller82, this fantastic piece gets you excited about what is underneath the Christmas Tree, eh?

LordTabaqui puts the odd corners of Christmas into play with this pic. I'm all for it though.

There are a ton of damsel OCs here. There's a lot of craziness, lots of tape, lot of mmph'ing, and no one is complaining.

Vampire bondage? On Christmas? Let's just accept it since the gift-wrapping is exquisite!

At least the Christmas present comes with other forms of entertainment while it's fully wrapped.

Slipping another Frozen bondage in here? Well, let us not forget that Frozen and Elsa are tied to the holidays so....

Secret Santa? Was she the present or did someone give her a present she wasn't expecting?

Least they didn't forget to put the lights on, right?

Alright! That continues #TuT for Christmas 2023! More good things will be on its way and 2024 is just around the corner! I have all the wonderful artists who continue to supply the DiD community. The artists whom I commission, and the wonderful fellow deviants who continue to support. Merry Christmas to all of you. Thank you.

Until Next Time!

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