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Art Share: Wonder Woman 82

We are all aware of this issue, right? Back in the 90s when comic books were gloriously good and bad, we had Wonder Woman #82. And why is it so good (other than the obvious #DiD art cover)?

Why, because of the last page, of course! This did many things for a young Masterless. Long story short, this opened the door to the realization that Wonder Woman is no stranger to DiD and bondage in general.

Some odd years later, Wonder Woman 82 comes around again and this time....

Yes. Modern day Wonder Woman is bound by her magic lasso and completely helpless. I guess the show must go on, eh? We all know that Wonder Woman has had many a pages and panels in ropes, lassos, chains, and advance restraints but it's harder to 'rationalize' it these days with the current climate. But holy grails like these....

2019 was a good year.

Until Next Time!

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