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Art Share: Y'shtola Rhul

It's no secret that Y'shtola has made a splash in my fandom. She is my top five favorite FF gal and there are plenty of good reasons for it. Got the looks, the sass, the capabilities, the VA, the wonderful arcs, and a supporting cast for one of the best Final Fantasies out there--she deserves a spot. Can't believe I haven't featured her as much on my blog. That changes this year (okay she has had a few including THIS COMMISSION, but she deserves more). Here are some few fan-arts of the beautiful Miqo'te of the Scion of the Seventh Dawn. As usual, pictures are linked to the original artist (or at least the source).

Tomatika just did a wonderful job that I featured them twice. Of course, Y'shtola's Shadowbringer outfit is going to get the most love.

Y'shtola's Heavensward outfit is how I 'met' Y'shtola for the first time through #Dissidia_NT. I thought this was her best one until I got into the Shadowbringers expansion and really saw Shtola for her role and why the all black fits. Again, the artist did fantastic!

Artstation is a wonderful place to get some fantastic art--and this is where I found Daniel and his depiction of Y'shtola's outfit. Jeez just look at that detail and vibe. It's amazing.

Lyra takes Shtola to a more 'grounded' look and as a musician, no less. I see that. I'd sure be captivated by her music that's for sure.

Y'shtola's A Realm Reborn look doesn't get a lot of love compared to her Heavensward and Shadowbringers/Endwalker outfit and I understand why. But the ARR is not without its merits, of course. So how about all three by Adriel?

There is something quite attracting about her outfit from Shadowbringers though. While not convenient and gracious as some of the outfits from FFXIV that our WoL could wear (or the leg-y gratuity that most FF gals dare shares with us), it is fetching.

And Y'shtola out of her normal clothes and into some lingerie. There's no way around it. That's sexy as all hells! I am more than confident that Y'shtola knows her worth for sure!

While Y'shtola's A Realm Reborn look doesn't get as much love, it is something that I adore very much still since she does look good still. It's simple and it also represents her younger days--a much more inexperienced version of herself, of course.

And if Y'shtola's Shadowbringers/Endwalker outfit ever goes formal, this is it. Also, the thigh-highs being shown from the ettiequte of Shtola lifting her dress is.... hot.

Okay, that's just beautiful. Sass but with a gentle smile. Definitive Y'shtola!

Okay, the story that Nenaosu is writing here is amazing. It's either the part in Stormblood or just one of the many skirmishes that Y'shtola and the WoL had gotten themselves into. Even someone like Y'shtola isn't immune from distress and this artwork is really showing just how she cues with such.

From the Shadowbringers trailer. My favorite part of that entire thing! Y'shtola says simple words but really drills it in! Thank you, Kenji82!

Another artwork for Y'shtola in her younger days. Again, it's very simple look but I think it works just fine for how she was back then.

A close up of her Heavensward outfit is always nice. I do adore her in this outfit for sure!



I take it the Forum didn't enjoy Y'shtola's mouthy self. To punish her, they went through great lengths to ensure that she is.... "put in place". Guaky really has ways with bondage, I swear.

Do check out Rosie's gallery for this artwork. The alternates and the links really does pay tribute to FFXIV's ambiance. Trust me, you'll like it! And the blindfold alternate is just perfect considering!

One day, I'm going to get to see the animation of this! I swear to you! She just looks so tasty like this! Pray that she isn't ticklish! Full glad I will be when we find out that she is!

ANDDDDDD.... an Aura having her way with Y'shtola. Seems that she is letting herself get into the mood, isn't she?


Suffice it to say, in my headcanon, Y'shtola and A'rlen got entangled with a bit of a complex relationship. In-game, I always try to have Y'shtola close and every adventure I have with her is always full of laughs and just ogling moments. I do adore her and she's definitely high on my list as one of the best FF gals. Suffice it to say, she will be making an appearance in my blog and commissioned gallery in the future, that much I know is true. Do keep an eye out for that! And do keep an eye out for more stuff with A'rlen and Y'shtola!

Until Next Time!

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