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Art Share: Yuffie in DiD

Man, I just had to share this! From the amazing SharpFFFFF, Yuffie Kisagari as she appears in FFVII_R Integrate all distressed! And who wouldn't mind our hyperactive-scheming kunoichi in some good ole' fashioned hogtie, eh? I know I wouldn't.

And some complex shibari gimmick? I'm down... she's not. Anyways, Yuffie will never be Rikku but she's a welcome addition within the hyperactive FF gals-alike. She was actually the 'first' that introduced me to the archetypes of FF and I'll always appreciate her for that reason. Needless to say, I expect more of this in the future thanks to the DLC of FFVII_R. Sharp won't be alone for too long in this endeavor (and I feel like there are a few out there already that I missed).

Until Next Time!

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