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Banpresto: Nezuko Kamado

Here we go! Another #Banpresto figure joining my collection. This time around, it's a cutie from a show that I probably need to watch: Nezuko Kamado from the anime, Demon Slayer! So with that said, let's check this figure out!

Banpresto's box scheme is pretty standard for an import statue. A picture of the figure inside, some cool shots, and maybe some product info that I would most likely not understand. No surprises here.

I don't know if "vibration stars" is a reference to the anime of some sort. Maybe? Again, I need to get into it.

There is some assembling required. And I've said it before, Banpresto doesn't exactly make the most impressive stands; practical, but definitely not as engaging as it can be.

Now let me reiterate that I know nothing about Demon Slayer and Nezuko. But it's hard not to see that Demon Slayer's animation is top notch. They also had some great designs based on feudal Japan--samurai aesthetics. Nezuko's outfit has her sport a pink kimono with a black 'jacket' over it, and then she has those kunoichi-y like 'leg warmers' and the slippers. Along with her outfit, Nezuko has some stand out design like the bit-gag (yes) she has on her mouth, those eyes, and the two-toned hair that is dominantly black but fades into red tips (something that worked well with Raven). Banpresto did a fine job translating all of these into plastic form and it's one of the reason I gravitated towards getting her to my shelf.

Now another aspect that really pulled me in other than the character aesthetics and said design translating well into plastic is the pose. It's dynamic--action based, and definitely something that I can get behind. Again, I'm not sure what her move sets are and what she is fully capable of, but definitely martial arts, agility, and some kind off magical trait is what I expect. If there's anything to go by with the little info I know about her and what this action figure is showing, I think she's definitely in the alley.

This angle hides that ugly stand quite well

This angle doesn't! Argh! Ugly!

Plastic color and pain execution has no complaint from me! It flows real well and I really like how accurate they got Nezuko. I don't see any paint bleeding at all and her face is well done.

Some awesome sculpted work!

I do wish that Banpresto improves with that idea of the stands. But hey, it's part of the reason who they can dish out decent to mid-caliber details, right?

And here is Banpresto Nezuko next to Banpresto Super Saiya-jin God Super Saiyan Vegeta. Both really dynamic but both sporting an awful stand!

Looks like the character, got her aesthetics, got a cool pose, all in all it's a good figure. It's got a decent price and I'm not at all disappointed but that also comes with the expectation that Banpresto ugly stands. With that said though, Demon Slayer fans will have something to bite into with this figurine. Worth it I believe.

Until Next Time!

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