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"Being With Babish"

This is a bit of a break from my usual things.

There are some kindness in the world that is sometimes forgotten because of the terrible things that are happening. Sometimes we get caught up in our own dilemmas, trivial or grand.

I'd like to just point this amazing thing out. Something I stumbled upon thanks to SuperCarlinBrothers' video.

When there are times when we feel like people are just full of spite, ungrateful, and lying sacks of excrement, the are always people like this who show that there is something worth to see. And I know, there are more examples like this but this definitely touch the feels. And lately, because Disney is trampling things, they are considered 'evil' because they make money.... but they do inspire.


There is magic left in the world. The good kind. It's just a damn shame that they are sometimes muted out by the constant nagging of negativity.

Keep the magic and good thoughts alive.

Until Next Time!

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