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Bishoujo: Dark Phoenix

Oh, man! Oh, man! Here we go, here we go! #Bishoujo Dark Phoenix! This beauty is definitely a statue I have been looking forward to! I don't want to dily-daly with this! Let's just get right into the review!

We get a familiar Bishoujo box provided by #Kotobukiya. I'll never get tired of complimenting the simple design and effective mode of transportation for Kotobukiya's figures. Believe it or not, this box is actually pretty big and it's mostly due to the stand that Jean Grey comes in. More on that later, of course.

Next to the artist, Shunya Yamashita, it's always a pleasure to see. Again, another one of those I can't get over--the fact that the final product replicates Yamashita's art so well!

As far as the stand, oh man, this thing is hot! Pun intended! Bishoujo has always impressed me with details, sculpted work, and attention to the little things that make a character that character, with Dark Phoenix, choosing the base as the Phoenix Force power is a good thing since I know they are capable of showing that level of awe. I also like that it looks like a Phoenix, big enough but not too big and not so small. It holds Jean Grey pretty well so it's a fancy stand.

Now to talk about the character and the figure itself. Hoo-boy! Let's go. Jean Grey as a character mildly interests me. There are certain story arcs and outfits that get me to turn her way but she has become a meme in terms of her uselessness and her death/reborn cycle. As the Phoenix, she became this uber-powerful entity that any 'threat' within the Mutant-Anti Mutant level, she pretty much can obliterate them. And then, of course, there's the Dark Phoenix saga--an arc unjustifiedly done twice within the cinematic realm. Push that aside, and the good-girl turned evil, that trope with Jean Grey/Pheonix/Dark Phoenix--well, that's an interesting arc to me. I actually like Dark Phoenix a lot more than her 'good version'.

Once again I will just point out just how well Kotobukiya does with their Bishoujo line. The pose is definitely in line with what the character would be in: confident, sexy, and seething with power. Since she is still in physical form, Jean Grey--a girl-next-door type of gal--Dark Phoenix has to have that beauty but not overtly supermodel-like (well, less in that idea as much as comic gals may be). But she also has to have that look that would allow for such confidence and I think Kotobukiya, as expected, sculpted a rather well-figured body without too many exaggerations. Considering that most of Dark Phoenix's fashion style is skin-tight, the wrinkles that are there, the flowing sash, and the dynamic hair give her that fluid feel to her. Again, the sculpting that Kotobukiya puts out with their Bishoujo line is just something to gawk at and just enjoy.

The sculpt on the Phoenix Force really goes well with Dark Phoenix's pose. It really compliments her. It has a really good sculpt to give off the illusion of fire. Nothing more to say than, really it's a good combo of chaos and sexiness.

The paint job is amazing. The default color of the plastic is well picked. From the red to the gold, they just mix well. The shading where it shows Jean's muscles really just gives her that tone and fit body (I said she's not an overblown body, I didn't say she didn't have a perfect body). The Phoenix force with its transparent effect, the darker red with the orange, and other tints of red/orange are amazing. It looks like life fire; cosmic Phoenix Force fire! I know, I don't have the best input with the paint job and color, but honestly, what else is there to say? It's the usual Bishoujo work and if I'm not pointing out flaws and mishaps, it means it's beyond amazing.

She just has a presence!

There is absolutely no denying just how beautiful this statue is!

Dark Phoenix's face is beautiful. She has a fierce expression, dangerous, and a glare that can burn Wolverine's adamantium off. A perfect choice for someone like this twisted version of the Phoenix.

Here is Bishoujo Dark Phoenix next to Bishoujo X-23 and Bishoujo Jubilee. The two young gals are gorgeous, no doubt about it, but next to Dark Phoenix and her intricate base, they're showing some of their age. Though these three together clearly highlight the quality of Bishoujo's sculpts!

There's not much else for me to say about this. I clearly love this thing. Great pose, great sculpting, expression perfect, colors and paint job just immaculate, a base that highly pays homage to the character.... all in all, it's perfect execution. I have had a couple of good Bishoujos this year but honestly, I think Dark Phoenix might just be winning punch right now. And that's saying a lot. I highly recommend her. Nuff said.

Until Next Time!

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