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Bishoujo: Domino

As luck would have it, I now have the #Bishoujo Domino in my possession. Actually, have had it for quite some time. I know, my reviewing habits hasn't been the great at the back end of 2019, but hey, I'm trying my best to catch up now! Having this beauty just sitting unboxed in my shelf was painful but let's get to the review, shall we?

Now I'm just going to get it out of the way: this isn't my favorite Domino outfit. I will always be a bigger fan of her X-Force look (Marvel Legends did it right) but I'm not opposed to how she looks. Domino is one of my favorite Marvel heroines and having a Bishoujo of her is definitely more than welcome. Even if the choice of outfit is from a recent and something I enjoy less, Domino still looks appealing and giving her the Bishoujo treatment enhances my mediocre fascination for her contemporary blue and white apparel. And, of course, the promotional picture of the product looks amazing in the well decorated and colorful themed box.

At this point of the box, more often than not, when it comes to Kotobukiya's Bishoujo line, we are treated with a full picture of Shunya Yamashita's art of the character within the box. This time we are not and the small figurine of plush Deadpool is highly advertised. Oh well. Again, box looks amazing and fits the theme.

But now that we've talked about the box, let's get to the review for the rest of the figure and how stunning it is!

Talking about the costume chosen, it's got some good qualities which definitely does not make me disregard it even in comic book or official/fanart form. It still holds true to the things I like about Domino's X-Force outfit: skin-tight black leather, simple, and very form fitting. She has her gun holsters and little buckles here and there which adds layers to her outfit. Now, I'm not sure how much I like the exposed back, but showing off her white skin does add more contrast to her outfit. Speaking of contrast, the baby blue lining that are her belt buckles and straps does add a strong juxtapose; a light color really popping out of the dark color. So with saying all of that, I do have more to like with Domino's chosen outfit than qualms. And even if this is a costume I terribly disregard, I always have faith in what Kotobukiya can do with their Bishoujo line and clearly I'm impressed with this. Though there are some departure from comic book to plastic form. More on that later. Let's continue the review then!

Now they did a fine job with the sculpting. I can't say that enough and can't praise the Bishoujo line enough. Now Domino's outfits, most of them do no have that much of intricate details on them. Sure, some of them suffered the 90s look, but all in all, they're skin-tight, straps, guns, and a bit of buckles here and there. This Bishoujo definitely accomplished replicating the details it wants to.

As far as her posture goes, I like it. It's not as dynamic for someone who is very active in battle but all in all it still feels very true to the character. Domino, for better or for worse, has had a sexier reputation as of late. Not trying to get into the notion if that route is good for Domino or not, I will say that as a male, I do enjoy most of it. Kotobukiya does play into that and why wouldn't they? The Bishoujo line is all about sexiness and beautiful female statues so with Domino, she boldly flaunts her pistols (add some smoke and it looks like she just got some good kills), and while she stands there, the Bishoujo line ensured that Neena's lustful confidence is oozing. The way she is looking over her shoulder, her leg poised, and her assets on the show... yes, this is simplicity at its finest. I love it. Not too much but definitely not lacking.

Now Bishoujo isn't without some kind of creative liberties in terms of Domino's outfit. As shown in the image on the left, Domino's (current as of this date) costume has a white textured front, which to me, seems a bit jarring considering her skin is white. Sure the comic books/artists make sure that skin and clothing on Domino looks drastically different but for me, it doesn't work. I am VERY pleased to see that Kotobukiya decided to change that white into black to balance the color scheme more. Though the blue straps, the holsters, and just about everything else stayed the same and I have no issue with that. Again, as long as most of Domino's outfit retains that skin-tight assassin look, I'm all game.

Though I do have to point out that despite the beautiful face, I am starting to miss Bishoujo's (former) signature transparent hair tips. I mean, it doesn't take away from the product, but it is something I wonder if there's a reason or is it character by character basis. Domino might not benefit from that hair effect, but I wonder if she would.

Now as far as Domino's stand, it's a...domino. I don't have a problem with this but it's so on-the-nose that it could be a bit jarring. Though what else could they have done without amping cost? An X-Force/X-Men face plate?

Had it only been the domino piece I wouldn't have been fine with it but they added a Deadpoo plushie doll to accompany Neena. Now, I'm not Domino and Deadpool shipper but even I van appreciate this little guy. Also, it's the only thing red within this Bishoujo statue and it's a very pleasing juxtapose.

As usual, great sculpting, flawless coloring, good choice in costume, well appreciated tweaks with the outfit design, a posture both sexy and true to character, and a long awaited Marvel heroine deserving the Bishoujo line... all in all, I can't recommend Bishoujo Domino enough. I love everything about her and she finds a place within my "main shrine". For any Bishoujo and Marvel fans that are collectors, this is a must! She's got a long going for her and she isn't too high up there in terms of the normal and current prices of Bishoujo.

Until Next Time!

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