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Bishoujo: Rainbow Dash

#Bishoujo review coming in! This time it's none other than the pure awesomeness of RainbowDash from the #MLP series! Let's not waste any more time! Let's rainbow dash ourselves towards the review, shall we?

So I've been down to collect this entire series! I've been waiting patiently for each one and I terribly adore every addition so far. Truth be told, Rainbow Dash and Applejack are my least favorites of the Mane Six and they are the last two on the line up so that sort of made me nervous. BUT, this is Bishoujo; I shouldn't have worried too much. And seeing the friendly and familiar box, I feel that before opening Dash, I'm in a good place with a good purchase. Though I will say that there needs more red in this rainbow; it looks a bit muted without the robust red. Then again, red is my favorite color so I could be biased.

As usual, the wonderful art of Shun Yamashita translates well into prototype form and (as we will see) does a fine job entering the mass released statues. Nothing more to add in this area.

Rainbow Dash is definitely my least favorite out of the Mane Six. Personality-wise, she's okay. It's not really her cockiness that bothers me about her. I think it's her design, which, by all means, isn't all that bad but it just doesn't grab me. Also, as a person who isn't big into sports, having a Pony's main thing is about being an athlete... well, I shy away from her.

Like her or not, #Kotobukiya does it's thing and captures the Rainbow Dash in her pony version quite well.

The color, the pose, and expression are just perfect. It's Rainbow Dash through and through there is no mistake about that.

Sometimes it's a hard pill to swallow that this concept exists in Bishoujo form. Taking the Equestria Girls notion and putting a Bishoujo twist to it, the girls never looked better. They've always tried to incorporate the gals' personality with their clothing and Rainbow Dash doesn't get robbed of that treatment. Not one bit.

For her Bishoujo attire, Kotobukiya adhered to that by giving Dash something that looks like something someone would wear that is both stylish and sporty; tomboyish but still looking really good despite not as feminine as the other Mane Six. Dare I say, Dash is even sexy in that outfit, which is definitely a bit more grounded, and funny enough, I never look at Dash that way--and believe me, there is some enticing artwork out there of the MLP gals. Then again, it is Bishoujo and it is Shun Yamashita. They have done a fantastic job with keeping the MLP gals' personality through their clothes while giving them that Bishoujo spin.

Love the dynamic in her jacket! Wrinkles and 'organic' clothing is definitely a Bishoujo thing.

And those running boots(?) are awesome! The color and the wings sells it!

Rainbow Dash's pose is definitely a confident, hyperactive, and ready-to-go pose and it's more than fitting for someone like Dash. It's almost as if she's ready to run, which, we all know that Rainbow Dash is known for her awesome speed. All in all, it's really dynamic and her jacket flowing behind her and unable to keep up with her movements just sells the motion.

Her hair also has dynamic even if not heavily crazy on the 'movements'. The nature of her hairstyle and the paint just makes it pop.

Despite the controversy of the gals' skin colors not representing their Equestrian version, I believe the clothing does a fine job catering to that. I rather like Dash's grounded and tanned skin tone. It allows the different shades of blue to pop out and deters it from getting lost with the rainbows all over her hair, clothing, and accessories; something that I feel would have definitely happened if her skin tone was the standard blue like her pony form. I also like the use of a white tanktop to allow her cutie mark to stand out; something that Rainbow Dash would be really adamant that her fellow ponies know about, rainboom and all. And for the most part, the lines are crisp, sharp, and just clean. Kotobukiya just continues to uphold the standard that they are known for and I will forever be grateful for it.

Stellar job overall, honestly.

That expression isn't my favorite, maybe because of the 'teeth' showing, but it's still rather good. The goggles are a nice touch, and the dynamic in her hair is just well done.

Close up of her... erm... assets.

Even the bottom of her boots has a lot of care and detail.

Speaking of, here she is next to the others: Bishoujo Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy. The bunch is really turning out to be a fantastic bunch. Can't wait for the last and final edition of the Mane Six, Applejack.

As a final verdict? Is she as awesome as she makes herself to be? Truthfully, yeah, she's an awesome addition to my Bishoujo collection. She attains much of what makes a Bishoujo statue amazing and for that, I can't help but recommend Rainbow Dash. If anything else, for anyone who is a completionist, she is needed to be in that line-up.

Until Next Time!

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