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Bishoujo: Transformers (News)

More than meets the eye, right? #Bishoujo is firing off all cylinders with these Transformers Bishoujos. The iconic Robots in Disguise being reimagined as Kotobukiya's signature hotties and oh-me-god!

I never thought I can picture Optimus Prime as something sexy and here I am looking at her and saying OOF! Tempted. Tempted.

But the moment they drop the colored prototype of Megatron.... it's over. Going to have to preorder her! Just look at that color scheme though! And look at that face and that posture! She is almost certain a preorder.

But Bumblebee is going to be cute but she might be an easy pass. Though she's giving me that young-jovial-energetic FF gal so it might be all about the Yamashita artwork in the end. We'll see. Will keep things updated!

Until Next Time!

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