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Bring Arts: Agrias Oak (Final Fantasy Tactics)

A Final Fantasy Tactics action figure? Why, yes! Yes, indeed it is! Square Enix merchandise within the toy collecting side isn't a common thing within my Game Room. But here I am with an FFT figurine! And it's Agrias Oaks! Definitely excited about this one. Let's get on to the review, shall we?

I definitely enjoy the packaging. They were going for that PSX cut-scene look. The map, the font, the art, the coloring--it's Final Fantasy Tactics for sure. I do believe that Square Enix hit the mark for sure and it's something I can appreciate. Imports are still with the window that allows the buyer to see the figure inside. Something I also appreciate also. All in all, it's a good-looking box. Standard but does the job it's supposed to do.

The promotional art on the back of the figurine is also done well.

Quality of the picture is quite bad and for some reason, I haven't bothered to change it. Apologies.

Here are all the accessories that come with Agrias. 8 pairs of hands (open, calm, closed-fisted, and weapon-holding hands), a figurine stand (something I didn't use too often for Agrias), and Agrias' sword. All standard and not too bad. Though a special effect or perhaps an alternate sword (Save The Queen, perhaps?) would've made this figurine better.

#Hasbro enhancing an import. That's rare, for sure. In all seriousness though, there are other import special effects that could enhance Agrias (or any other figures) lacking such accessories but there is an underlying problem here: Square should have included at least ONE special effect for Agrias' signature moves as a Holy Knight.

I have to really just get into the fact that this Agrias is 100% accurate to Agrias' original appearance--based on Akihiko Yashida's art. It's recognizably the Agrias Oaks I 'first met' during my first playthrough of FFT back in the PSX days! And although the art style and the aesthetics may not be for everyone in regards to FFT's style, I do wholeheartedly agree that there was no other way to introduce this Holy Knight (and the two others in this line) to the world of action figures. The sculpt is spot on and the little details that stay true to Agrias are something I can appreciate. Since it's been some time since I had a BringArts, I am thoroughly impressed with the attention placed on Agrias. Not to mention one can look at this action figure and if they have the faintest idea what Final Fantasy Tactics is!

The articulation is pretty decent but I will point out now that the weird ankle pivot is always going to bother me when it comes to Playarts Kai / Bring Arts. Just not very appealing when trying to do action poses. All in all, there are some joints that are stiff but was able to get her to work. Braided hair doesn't give as much for dynamic but it works. I do like that the design of her armor lends itself to hide certain joints so it's not so anatomically awkward with some poses. In conclusion, articulation isn't a hinderance despite its shortcomings.

The paint job, the choices of plastic colors, and the accuracy are quite nice. They all flow quite well and the way this figure just screams PSX Agrias is something I enjoy. I love the metallic paint for her armor that compliments the matter look of the blue cloth, the brown leather, and her fair skin. Looks quite organic. Definitely a win!

The 'lack of nose' is a product of the style of Yoshida's art style. Accurate. The eye are done well though and I love the way her hair falls.

The hair has some serious sculpting done to it. Could do with a bit more detail for pain but it's not bad. I also love the way it contrasts against the clothing and armor platings.

Lots of sculpting! The 'logo' on her chest, the designs on her cus and pants adds a lot of depth and stick with accuracy!

Even the laces on her boots are done well!

Once again, the sword isn't something to write home about.... well, I'm writing about it now, but you know what I mean. It's accurate to the official art but I wish they gave her that Save the Queen alternate. But the sculpt is nice and the way you can separate it hilt from blade allows for an easy slip for Princess Ovelia's Bodyguard to hold her sword. Giving some kind of special effect definitely adds more to the sword and Agrias' overall fun factor in terms of posing her!

She can also hold her sword left and right so it's no issue. But most official and fan arts of Agrias, her sword is on her right hand.

And can you believe it? I have Final Fantasy Tactics merchandise! Here is Bring Arts Agrias Oaks next to Trading Arts Ramza Beoulve and Trading Arts Ovelia. Despite two different series and some time apart, all three stays true to the aesthetics of #FFT!

Here is Bring Arts Agrias Oaks next to Bring Arts YoRHa Unit 2B ver. 1. I do like the smaller scale figurines but just like #Playarts_Kai for what you get, they're a bit on the pricey side. They charge 50% more than the majority of toy lines that competes within the 'smaller scale' figurines. Shame. They do have some good and not often represented characters but I can't bring myself to pay for the pric. 2B and Agrias are an exception but it still hurts.

"Absorb the Power in the Sky! Lightning Stab!"

A bit on the expensive side, lacking certain must have accossories, and some articulation issues. Bring Arts Agrias Oaks is by no means a perfect figure. But the character is one of my beloved, least loved by the majority Final Fantasy Heroine. And despite my qualms with the figurine in general, she does have some highlights that makes her worth the price... just don't look at the bank account again. Can I recommend? For sure. Must-have? Diehard Agrias fans would be hard pressed to find a good merchandise of her; and at least this one is pretty true to character. I appreciate and don't regret the purchase. Others may have a harder time justifying.

Until Next Time!

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