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Cinematics: Joker

I'm going to be honest, I didn't jump on the hype train with the popularity of Batman. I don't believe that he can just take on the damn Justice League on his own or take on the most powerful beings because "He's Batman". Saying that all that, I do like Batman. I do enjoy what he has brought and brings to the table of the Comic Book fandom. He has a pretty amazing gallery of villains and Joker is definitely pretty high up there. I would like to say that one of my favorite Final Fantasy Villains, Kefka, might possibly take a lot of influence from Joker. So when the Joaquin Phoenix Joker move was first announced way back when, I was really interested. Now the trailer is here and.... I have to admit that it looks pretty damn good.

It looks pretty damn dark and twisted and I think it will bring something new to the Cinematic Universe of the Super Hero genre. Most definitely interested in this movie. Will be standing by for more info.

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