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Cinematics: Learning from Captain Marvel

This is my second post about the ongoing banters about Captain Marvel. I honestly think both sides of the conflict were getting out of hand. Of course, I think the side against Captain Marvel were going bonkers on the way side; of course I might just be saying that since they were louder in my ears. I'm a fan of the #MCU and it seems that most people who were fervently hating on Captain Marvel already despised the MCU for reasons of their own.

Saying that, as much as I like the MCU, I think some of the movies are flawed and Captain Marvel in particular, falls around the 6 or 7 out of 10 rank. It's not bad but it does do a few things I personally did not like. For example:

This Captain Marvel, anyone? I'm not going to try and tangent off, but seriously? Come on now! This is MY CAPTAIN MARVEL! They completely messed this up and that's one of my biggest issue. Now, the main issue is that people keep bickering and keep using every single piece of news to bring down some pretty god awful and cringing debates. There are problems on both ends but seriously.... I think the video above has a pretty good point to make. Also, I watched the ScreenJunkie's review on Captain Marvel and he's not exactly enamored by the movie. With that said, the video just plainly lays out some things. Not only are there some insights on opening weekend and second weekend profit, it also puts out some food for thoughts. Worth a watch, honestly. Well, I Hope that's all for the Captain Marvel News. Hope that's all I have to say about this subject. With that said, that's about it!

Until Next Time!

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