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Commission: A'rlen_x_Lightning

Somiko_Arts is a new artist on the block. Well, new to my gallery of #Commissions. And My, my! And this artwork is a special commission collaboration between myself and Wildcard4774! Our Bday Months fall around the same time so we decided to pull the trigger on such an amazing piece! It's definitely a saucier piece than the norm, eh? Could use some lewdness around here. Reaper A'rlen and Miqo'te Lightning could use some R&R that's for sure!

Definitely getting hot and bothered, aren't they?

The pink ropes, the pink specialized gags, the position, and of course, the lovely way both A'rlen and Lightning were drawn by Somiko! I love this. A perfect Birthday present! Appreciate Goose for collaborating with me! And, of course, Somiko DiD their finest work!

Until Next Time!

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