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Commission: Arlen's Crusade (Cleric Boa Kon)

Updated: Jul 21

We got ourselves another foray into the Crusade of Arlen Sirushi! And who, might one ask, is Arlen's current captive? well, it's a Cleric from the Disgaea universe! for this case, it's "Boa Kon". Admittedly, the Cleric NPCs can have any name in the Disgeae games. They're all randomly generated and they can be as vanilla or as ridiculous. Whenever I had a Cleric at my party, her name would be "Boa Kon" (yes, it's an inspired name). Considering how disappointed I was that there were no Clerics in Disgeae 6...... well, this little idea came to my head, thus why we have Arlen nabbing an enigmatic healer. And, healing her?

Arlen for ya! Intentions are good but just plain weird, eh?

Until Next Time!

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