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Commission: Arlen's Crusade (Mona Megistus)

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

We got a #commission to kick off June! And what better commission to start off than the (in)famous Crusade that involves my OC, the one and only, Arlen Sirushi. Who does she have this time? Diving into the Genshin Universe, Arlen makes a #DiD out of the cute Astrologist, Mona Megistus. And of course, savoring her victory, she taunts her helpless captive, ensuring that Mona is nothing short of furious of her situation.

Also, Arlen seems to correlate Mona's design to Salem shenanigans it seems?

The artist is a newcomer in my gallery. A talent named Lunara (Artstation). Thinking she's going to be a regular since she DiD a fine job! Style is definitely unique and she has no problem helping Arlen out with her crusade! So stay tuned!

Until Next Time!

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