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Commission: Arlen's Crusade I

Updated: 11 hours ago

(After Arlen's struggle and eventual victory against her ropes and gag, fans will be rewarded with a list of her victims! Also, enjoy Banagher's art!)

We have another #commission of my lovely Arlen Sirushi! Another quick comic panel that is done by none other than the talented Banagherlinks who is always a pleasure to work with! This commission is, of course, the start of the "Arlen's Crusade" commission series I have. I know it's 4th in line after the others, but hey! Better late than never. The series is pretty self-explanatory, one would imagine and this is the spark that gets my tsundere OC to start making damsels out of other gals within the Omniverse. Fun stuff, actually. Lots of possibilities.

The textless version leaves some to the imagination in regards to what is going on in her little head, doesn't it?

And this is the third time I have worked with Banagher and I am always fascinated with his process. From the 3D models, to the sketch, line art, and flat coloring to the finished product, it's nice to gawk at. I'm more than positive this won't be the last time I'll work with the artist! More to come in the (near or far) future!

Until Next Time!


The LIST of Arlen's VICTIMS

-CLICK on the pictures, and you'll get the moments Arlen made happen! Also...If you pay attention, you might also get a glimpse of the next ones on the list...

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