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Commission: Arlen's Water Peril

Updated: May 16, 2023

I said I'm going to give Arlen more attention this year and I wasn't lying. Guess 2020 is also an active year for her, eh? This amazing artist is none other than Banagherlinks. An artist I have worked with before and I'm glad to have worked with him again for this amazing piece!

Gotta set up the mood, right?

Now as far as the actual story of how and why Arlen got in here, it could be a myriad of reasons. I'd like to think that Arlen, being an absolute snoop herself, dove deep into some shady business and got caught in the process. The bad guys decides to teach the pesky snoop a lesson. This particular scene is HIGHLY influenced by this and that!

Here are the non-texts for those who are interested! Just a vibrant piece all in all! I adore it so much!

And much like my previous #Commission from Banagher, the WIP is something I adore. He definitely doesn't start the process like other artists do and it's intriguing to me. There's a constant update and I really appreciate that. Seriously, for anyone who is considering working with this guy, consider no more! He is a pleasure and his work comes out top-notch! Definitely a good commission to sneak its way in before 2020 ends!

Until Next Time!

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