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Commission: Domino is Helpless

...Againts the mindless rampage of WereChicken? Chickenpool? Deadpool?!

Ah, yes. ThunkStudio once again delivers! As a huge fan of the ever-so-classic and inspiring comic cover of Spider-Woman way back when, I wanted to give one of my favorite Marvel Gals, Domino, to the same treatment. Why Deadpool in a chicken suit then? Well, Domino has a hilarious Alektraphobia--fear of chicken. I know, right? And how complicating Neena's and Wade's relationship is... I find this kind of fitting. A fellow Deviant, Lathiira, finds this idea quite amazing as well and there will be a #DiD_Fic based on it. Other than that, there ain't much else ot this for now! Hope y'all enjoyed this!

Until Next Time!

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