• Onyx

Commission: Familiar Territory (OC)

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

That smug look!

This #Commission is going back to the fun roots of OC shenanigans. I know, I use them every once in a while! This is definitely one of those "once in a while" scenario!

Now let's get the deserving formalities out of the way! This lovely OC is owned/created by a good rp'er partner of mine: Christiekins. Definitely a good Rp'er and I have enjoyed our sessions together (yes, I still RP!).

She also has an adoration for Over The Nose gags, thus why we have a variant.

The lovely artist/renderer is none other than Snadiya, a fantastic artist whom I have worked with before on multiple occasions!

The idea is pretty simple: the dominant and playful Arlen decided to have fun with the snarky and, at times, sassy sub of hers. Christina, still being a bit too rambunctious is getting her punishment through some teasing. For Arlen, it's hard to follow instructions when Christina's sock (and later on an added layer) is impeding her speech.