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Commission: Familiar Territory (OC)

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

That smug look!

This #Commission is going back to the fun roots of OC shenanigans. I know, I use them every once in a while! This is definitely one of those "once in a while" scenario!

Now let's get the deserving formalities out of the way! This lovely OC is owned/created by a good rp'er partner of mine: Christiekins. Definitely a good Rp'er and I have enjoyed our sessions together (yes, I still RP!).

She also has an adoration for Over The Nose gags, thus why we have a variant.

The lovely artist/renderer is none other than Snadiya, a fantastic artist whom I have worked with before on multiple occasions!

The idea is pretty simple: the dominant and playful Arlen decided to have fun with the snarky and, at times, sassy sub of hers. Christina, still being a bit too rambunctious is getting her punishment through some teasing. For Arlen, it's hard to follow instructions when Christina's sock (and later on an added layer) is impeding her speech.

Now, saying all of that, the way Snadiya just rendered the poses I wanted for the two is just amazing. I love Arlen's pose, so sassy and very in character. Christina is also in her natural habitat and those ropes cling on her body in just the right way!

She just looks absolutely adorable!

And so fittingly helpless to do anything to express or act upon her wants/needs!

How I do adore Snadiya's magnificent talent! It's no wonder I keep coming back to the deviant! I'm sure Christina feels the same! This wonderful piece/s really conveys that the two gals are in familiar territory! Well, that's about it for this commission!

Until Next Time!

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