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Commission: Iris's Chocobo Ride

Iris Amicitia is another Final Fantasy that I oh, so adore. She's like the #Rikku type gal; young-ish, hyperactive, and an agile fighter (despite not being an actual playable character--sins of FFXV, I tell you). Regardless of her short time, she caught my attention and I just love the idea of her being with Noctis. But you know what I love more? A little bit of #DiD moment with the cute younger sister of Gladius, of course! Luckily, Reptileye was able to deliver with this lovely picture!

For this #commission, I wanted to pay homage to Iris' Pink Chocobo moment--giving it some liberty as to how it would turn out for Iris. Of course, it's a whole lot of friction and distress as the Chocobo gets faster and faster... clearly. Maybe Noct and the others can use the Regalia to catch up to them? Maybe?

Until Next Time!

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