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Commission: Kaitlin's Front Page (Retake 4)

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

I've been interested in getting my #commission experience wet with something like the Render genre. It's definitely a wonderful style of art all on its own but getting in the pool is kind of a daunting thing considering. Well, I stumbled across Snadiya not too long ago and decided to take a slot in her open commission. Well, this is the result! Let's check out this #Commission!

The (un)lucky damsel that got roped by Snadiya's and my collaboration is none other than the intrepid reporter/VR Trooper, Kaitlin Star herself. I know, I have a mild fascination with this scene. Oh, I'm not done with it either! Not by a long shot!

Now the one thing about renders is that I can technically have an unlimited collection of pictures at my disposal. All depends on who I use the Blender app (something I am horrible at using, apparently). The picture at the VERY top of my page is something I came up with thanks to Snadiya's file and Blender. Snadiya, of course, gives pics that is taken by him. I have three variations of each one. I'm showcasing the non-gagged; the classic look of this peril!

Now usually my antics with Kaitlin Star's (in)famous #DiD scene is an added much-needed cleave gag and a bit more restraint to make her look like she'll have a harder(impossible) time getting out of her peril. I decided to add an over-the-mouth gag this time with a classic white cloth. I think Snadiya DiD a marvelous job with it! I think her hair should be longer but I don't mind how it turned out!

The expression is also a delightful one. She looks scared and utterly helpless in her plight. While the hazmat sign and the timer on the bomb are missing, I still think it delivers the point. I rather like this. And clearly, this is inspired by MileShendon's previous work on Kaitlin's Front Page.

When all is said and done, I absolutely LOVE what Snadiya DiD. I think this is wonderful and definitely more than willing to commission this artist again. As an introduction to the rendered art in terms of commission, this is a fantastic first impression, to say the least. I'm sure Kaitlin agrees! Well, that's about it!

Until Next Time!

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