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Commission: (Kind of) New in Distress

I think I have made myself quite clear that when it comes to Spider-Woman, there is only one costume that really stays in mind. You can never beat the classic. It's the freaking classic. It's how I "met" her, how I "fell in love with her", and it's in that costume--and through her that helped shape the future fandom I have today. There is no comparison. Spider-Woman's classic costume is the best. Now saying all that doesn't mean that I don't have love for any other costumes. Her 'modern-day' version, the normal attire-race-car costume, in particular, is an outfit that I do adore. The fact that it's got a #DiD moment in my #commissiono gallery says it all.

The artist is none other than GREAT-DUDE. He has ways with variants even if the commissioner didn't ask for one. The simple color swap-outs are something that I will always appreciate! Welps, here's to more Spider-Woman commission; classic, modern, new, House of M, and the likes!

Until Next Time!

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