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Commission: Rikku Black Mage DiDressphere

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

The second addition to my #DiDressphere #Commission series! Rikku in her Black Mage Dressphere in some pretty distressing scenario! I don't think it's too hard to see that GREAT-DUDE is the one responsible for this fantastic artwork and might I add that he DiD a fantastic job! Now the staff is a bit too short and not 100% accurate, but hey, that's alright. Not TOO BIG of a deal.

Classic GREAT-DUDE artwork that comes with amazing colored variants. This was also during Halloween of #2016. The muted blue hues aren't what I had in mind but it does look rather fantastic.

The black & white is definitely something I adore! Definitely fits right in with the theme and makes it slightly haunting. Again, GREAT-DUDE played with the Halloween theme with the bats and Jack-O-Lantern, and with the Black Mage outfit highly inspired by the notions of witches and such, I think it's a rather fitting commission. It's also a fantastic addition to the DiDressphere series!

Until Next Time!

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