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Commission: Rikku FFX DiDressphere

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

I've always wanted to know what Rikku would wearing her FFX main outfit while being the age that she was in FFX-2. Luckily, commissions can make those 'what ifs' happen and here we are!

Rikku in her original Thief outfit from FFX

SaintofPain is an artist I have worked with before in the past with commissions with this 'theme'. I like his style. Clean, simple, and the colors are very bright. It might have taken a little too long to get this commission, but hey, it's here now. It's a continuation of my #DiDressphere project that started two years ago. Technically this isn't a dressphere for Rikku, but hey, we can imagine! Hope you all like this one!

Until Next Time!

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