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Commission: Rikku Gun Mage DiDressphere

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

The next addition to the #DiDressphere series is one of my favorite Dresspheres that Rikku (could wear) wore in the FFX-2 game. The abilities the Dressphere gave were, more or less, enemy/monster specialist and mixed with blue skill/enemy skill flavor. So basically, it's a useful Dressphere. Rikku's version of it is just... sexy. It's not her most exposing but it's not exactly the most conservative. For this #commission, ThunkStudio #DiD wonders with it! I've always loved the artist's way of depicting damsels!

Also, want a reason for Rikku's bonds? This is actually one of the DiDresspehre that got an explanation through a DiD_Fic.

Until Next Time!

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