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Commission: Rikku Songstress DiDressphere

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Skelebomb came into my radar sometime prior to commission my next addition to Rikku's #DiDressphere. Honestly, I wasn't quite sure if he would have been the best candidate considering that Rikku isn't his usual type of girl (the thiccer and bustier kind), but he DID magnificent with the spunky Al Bhed! Also, this is the Songstress Dressphere so I decided that Skele would have the arduous task of making the gag a bit more... unique and compatible with the Songstress' skillset. Again, #DiD Skele impressed! Not one of my top Dresspheres for Rikku, but this is one of my top favorite DiDressphere #commission, that's for sure!

Until Next Time!

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