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Commission: Rikku_x_Elsa

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

So, this was a #Commission long time coming from one of the most talented Deviants out there, Kusujinn(Kidetic). And wouldn't you know? It involves the all-star Queen of 2019, Elsa and one of my other all time favorites, Rikku. And yes, this is a sequel for my other two commissions: Freelance Rikku and Elsa(Let Me Go). Ain't that neat? Seems like Rikku got out of her troubles and is attempting to rescue Elsa? Or... is she making sure that the unknown is familiar to the Snow Queen?

There's a loose hair version for those who really adore Elsa with her hair down. Again, this commission just turned out amazing in my opinion!

So that's two of my "Main" gals! Terra and Spider-Woman next?!

Until Next Time!

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