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Commission: Saya Takagi's Moments

Highschool of the Dead was... fan service and I LOVED it. Shame it's not going to continue, but oh well! Fun while it lasted! But that doesn't mean I didn't and DON'T keep my attention on some of hte lovely gals that came from there. Lovely gals like Saya Takagi who deserves some ever-so-deserving #DiD moments! And the wonderful SeductiveBunneh helped make it a possibility!

Since the anime is called "Highschool of the Dead", Saya's main outfit is the schoolgirl outfit. Although, she did wear some comfy clothing like the one above.

During the opening anime scene, Saya wore the fancy dress-like night gown? Not sure what it was but it's rather sexy.

There was also a small crossover between Highschool of the Dead and Lolipop Chainsaw so I decided to put Saya in one of Juliet's alternate cheerleader outfit. It looks good on her... even if she isn't a big fan of it.

At any rate, this commission was fun and it's Bunneh's signature to have alternate versions (clothes, bindings, etc) with her commissions--for a price. And when I post the other commission that parnters in with this, it makes sense why I decided to have alternate versions other than fan service. Well, at any rate, that's about it.

Until Next Time!

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