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Commission: She had the Power

I can't say that I am the biggest She-Ra fan. Don't know a whole lot about her but I do know she was a small part of my childhood. I liked her escapades and the times (rare as it was) when she found herself in distress. Welps, my fellow Deviant, DestroXXIV thought it would be fantastic to get her in a scenario where King Hiss got the better of her. Drawn by none other than the talented ThunkStudio, I think She-Ra is definitely in a #DiD scenario that even she can't be sure she can get away from.

Here's a version where the snake hasn't fully wrapped itself around her yet. Least, not around her body. The small snake is still gagging her thought.

Oh, and She-Ra is the second placer in that DiD poll with GoGo Tomago. Keep in mind that I might do a 'second placer' every poll. Maybe.

Until Next Time!

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